Freedom Of Information Act Requests

A Skilled Advocate For FOIA And Touhy Requests

Access to public records is a necessary component of an accountable and transparent government. Such access can also prove valuable information to businesses reliant on the research and policies of various government agencies.

The Freedom of Information Act of 1967 (FOIA) gives Americans the right to access information held by government agencies, but the methods of uncovering such information can be fraught with complexity. An attorney who is experienced in FOIA requests can streamline the process for you and help you pinpoint the most crucial information you need.

A Touhy request seeks the testimony of federal employees or production of official records of a federal agency related to litigation in which the United States is not a party.

Oppel Law Firm PLLC in Austin, Texas, handles FOIA and Touhy requests and other government law matters for people throughout the U.S. Oppel Law Firm PLLC has handled sensitive federal affairs and understands how to interface with government officials and agencies. We are here to help you take full advantage of your rights under the FOIA and Touhy.

Uncovering Valuable Information

Data and information held by government agencies can benefit private citizens and businesses in many ways. Some of the information we can helps clients uncover includes:

  • Information needed for disputes and litigation
  • New technologies the government is working on
  • Information for journalists, historians, scriptwriters and public policy groups
  • Agency policies, regulations and investigations
  • Hearing transcripts
  • Certain agency communications

Whether you are pursuing an initial request or appealing a denied request, Oppel PLLC can provide you with the skilled representation you need to achieve a successful result.

Discuss Your Legal Needs With An Experienced Lawyer

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