What do you need to bid for a government contract?

Competition is fierce to secure government contracts. There is a reason for this. Winning a contract can bring in a lot of money to your business. It can also help you gain future deals. Potential clients may feel that if the government chooses to work with you, it guarantees your quality.


If you fail to comply with all requirements, the government will reject your bid


The rules governing contract applications can be complex. Here are some things to consider:


      Do you have the required insurance? Your current policy might not provide the coverage the government requires. You may need to replace it or upgrade it.


      Do you have the certifications they ask for? If the requirements state you need specific paperwork, they are unlikely to waive it for you. If you do not have the certificate, spend your time getting the certificate rather than applying. It will allow you to bid next time.


      Do you have a NAICS code? NAICS stands for North American Industry Classification System. Ensure you have the correct code for your business and that it is the one required to bid for the contract.


      Do you know where to search for contracts? There are plenty of contracts available covering all sorts of things. Most people will never bid for them because they do not know where the government agencies post the adverts.


Breaking into the world of government contracting is challenging. You will be competing against those who have been doing it for years. An attorney with experience in this field can help you gain the advantage you need. They cannot guarantee your success, but they can ensure your bid does not fail due to a beginner’s errors.